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"I have been meaning to email you and thank you for the treatment you gave me for the aches I had in my back and ribs when and after playing my guitars. I realised with your guidance that my posture was all wrong for playing and had been for years. Although the treatment was painful at times but not off the scale say max 7 you have relieved me of my discomfort and I am still trying to educate my body and brain to play the guitar without leaning my ribs heavily onto the corner of the guitar body. As I mentioned after the course of treatment I noticed that I do not suffer any more from 'reflux' or the anxiety burning sensation I used to get at the base of my throat.Thank you again for your help and expertise."

Brian, Reydon

"I have been so impressed by the lovely Osteopaths at Southwold Treatment Rooms- nothing is too much trouble and they have really helped me to cope with my back and foot problems. Highly recommended!"

Rebecca Bishop

"Thank you Zoë- I feel 20 years younger!"

Margaret Osborne

"I have recently been under the care of Rebecca at Southwold Treatment Rooms for both an ongoing strain and a short-term injury. When I first saw Rebecca I felt unable to cope with the pain I was experiencing and I was extremely nervous that the short-term injury I had was going to prevent me from getting through a very crucial period of time work-wise which required a physical commitment from me. Rebecca not only offered extremely thorough explanations of the problems I was experiencing and the treatments she would provide but also the reassurance I needed that I would be able to get through it. Her care for my wellbeing was so genuine and her mixture of catered treatments gentle yet extremely effective. The improvement in me mentally and physically as a result is beyond what I could have hoped for."

Katy Federman

"Since the Southwold Treatments rooms opened in Southwold I have been a regular visitor. Rebecca has kept me mobile despite many back & neck problems. Don't know how I would manage without their help.They always greet you with a smile and make you feel that you are in safe hands. "

Mary Allerton

"★★★★★ Very professional and friendly. Great service and spot on diagnosis and treatment in very pleasant surroundings. Thank you Zoë, I would highly recommend your services."

"I am so grateful to you for the help you have given me. A few weeks ago I was in absolute agony from the damage to my back. As you're aware, I needed help when walking and certainly couldn't drive the car. From that first visit you helped ease the pain and now, because of your expertise both in acupuncture and traditional osteopathy I am almost back to my normal self. Certainly I am now walking without any assistance and back to driving the car. I have even been playing football with my grandson again. I can recommend you and your practice without any reservation whatsoever."

Tony Hudson
Wangford, Suffolk

"I visit Rebecca regularly to sort out my neck and shoulder problems. I always feel rejuvenated afterwards and am in awe of her knowledge. She has a relaxing and understanding manner which puts me at ease and it is a pleasure to go for my appointment!"

Jo Charles
Halesworth, Suffolk

"You are a great team, Rebecca and Zoe. I have had several visits to you at 41 High Street and I feel a lot lot better. Your care and expertise were ten out of ten. Many thanks to both of you. Bestest "

John Miller

"Extremely professional and knowledgeable staff in calm surroundings- a healing experience. "


"Having suffered and put up with what I called 'a pain in the neck 'on and off for a number of years, my doctor suggested that I see an Osteopath. I did and am delighted with the outcome.

At first I thought it would just keep coming back after a few days - but I am now free of aches and pains most of the time.

I am grateful for the professional advice received from Rebecca during my treatments which has helped me understand how to listen to my body and eliminate any unnecessary aches.

Thank you Rebecca for your help and support.


"We have used osteopathic treatment for some twenty-five years. We have never had better treatment than that provided by Southwold Treatment Rooms. Rebecca sets a standard of listening and observing, making and explaining her diagnosis and then providing carefully targeted and planned treatment that is outstanding. Her colleagues at Southwold Treatment Rooms take the same approach and the results are reassuring, helpful and, above all, healing.

Everyone we have directed to Southwold Treatment Rooms has had an excellent experience so we are delighted to make more public our appreciation of, and thanks for, their work.

Irene Robertson and Philip O'Hear

"Zoe has that rare and wonderful knack of paying real attention to what’s going on in your body, sensing what needs to be done, and somehow encouraging everything to go on fixing itself long after you’ve left her. As a life-long sufferer from mild and occasionally debilitating scoliosis, I’ve seen her when I’ve been in pain and also when I’m - sort of! - all right, and every time feel better and stronger and calmer for it. "

Julie Myerson